commissioned pieces

LuXury Crystal guarantees consistent 31-33% full lead content. Each piece is Authentically mouth blown with a 3-4mm depth of hand cutting, using higher profile cutting wheels. Each piece is authentically polished by hand, resulting in a sharper finish, with a fresh, icy crisp clear silvery brilliance giving more definition to the cutting...truly breathtaking to behold!

All our Craftsmen were trained by Waterford Crystal Plc, under the direction of Master Craftsmen (some second and third generation), here in Waterford City Ireland. They include highly experienced authentic Hand Blowers, Hand Cutters & Hand Polishers. This ensures that we can craft for you, unmatched and unparalleled quality pieces. We are the only Crafts people, offering to hand-carve Life Sized pieces, which can only result from a labour of love. No other crystal manufacturer in the world is capable of matching our precise quality and hand-carved detail.  Each piece is exclusively signed by the Sculpturist and documented.

We are the World Leader in this field guaranteeing all of the above specifications on a consistant basis.

Please Note: All Miniature  'dressing pieces'  ie the drops, beading & the arms, are for the moment Swarovski Strauss crystals. All other pieces of substantial size are 100% mouth blown, 100% hand cut and 100% polished by hand in the  dying old traditional method of fine crystal manufacture, here in our workshop in Waterford City Ireland. A unique & astonishing quality unmatched from around the world. 

After Sales ServiceAssembly/Hanging: We can arrange to have your Chandelier assembled and fitted by our service experts, at any address internationally, at a minimal extra charge. We also have vast experience in Cleaning, Restoration, Re wiring, and the Supply & Fit of manual or automated Wiches... (which can be a very specialised bespoke piece of engineering).