Our custom made Irish crystal chandeliers come with a guarantee that each piece is authentically mouth blown, hand carved, and lovingly hand polished, by our second and third generation former Waterford Crystal plc master craftsmen at our custom crystal making workshop in Waterford City, Ireland.

Our craftsmen are proud of the luxury crystal products that we create. We are passionate about keeping the age old tradition of master crafting alive at a time when most crystal chandeliers are produced in factories using automation.

Feel the weight of history in your hands as all of our custom made chandeliers are hand made using only 33% full lead Irish crystal for unparalleled purity, resulting in a diamond like sparkle and incomparable luxury of hand crafted crystal, custom made in Waterford City, Ireland.

Dedicated to the rich tradition of custom made crystal chandeliers since 1995, explore our website and appreciate the crystal making legacy of our master craftsmen since 1783.