Our custom Waterford made 33% full lead Irish Crystal Chandeliers come with a guarantee that each piece is 100% authentically mouth blown, 100% authentically hand carved, and 100% authentically lovingly hand polished, by our second and third generation former Waterford Crystal Plc master craftsmen here at our workshop in Waterford City, Ireland.

Our incredably experienced craftsmen are a rare & fastly dying breed of artisans as our particular and precise quality is not available from around the world today! We are determined to keep this age old old tradition of master crafting alive with it's original recipe, and, how crystal Should Be Made, at a time when all crystal chandeliers from around the World are mass produced in factories using the help of automation every day.

Feel the Rare & Extrodinary Weight, the depth of cutting with well sharp defined edges, of each piece in your hands as all of our custom made Chandeliers & TableTop Ware are 100% hand crafted using only 33% full lead Waterford Made Irish Crystal for unparalleled purity; resulting in a diamond like sparkle and Incomparable LuXury of Hand Crafted Crystal, made 100% in Waterford City, Ireland.

Dedicated to the rich tradition of chandeliers since 1995, explore our LuXury Website and appreciate the crystal making legacy of our master craftsmen since 1783. Truly, all, a labour of love !